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Damien Bonhomme
Consultant and Project Leader / Lean Six Sigma Expert
Lyon Area, France | Management Consulting

I created 3Conseils back in 2008 to support my activity as a Freelance Consultant, expert in Lean Six Sigma methodology.

I had 3 goals at that time :
- To help the students to understand that Lean Six Sigma is not that complicated and can be fun
- To help the companies to solve problems and not to find problems that fit to their solutions
- To kill Lean Six Sigma as soon as possible

Where am I now?
- I teach Lean Six Sigma at the University of Lyon and EM Lyon Business School. And the 300 students I've trained still try to figure out my Cards Game
- I trained more than 300 employees, coached more than 30 project leaders for more than 10 different companies where I drank 1 436 coffees at the coffee machine. And came to the conclusion that whatever the company is, the coffee still tastes bad.
- I red about 40 books on how to improve operations and thought I found the Truth. I met 369 persons who also thought they found the Truth.

Where am I going now?
For sure to the next coffee machine. And If you'd like to share some best practices on coffee machine, contact me or follow me on Twitter @damien3conseils or go and see my website 3conseils.com

Founder, Consultant, Trainer and Project Leader (2008 - Maintenant)

- Definition / Piloting of projects based on Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology
- Reduced variation in processes
- Optimization of operational costs
- Increased reliability in decision making
- Diminished cycle times
- Elimination of defects
- Training / Accompaniment / Certification for Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology